Максим Новичков

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22 December 2016 at 16:47
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Максим Новичков
19 October 1975

A few words about me:

The ideologue and co-owner of social networks of the Qwerty Networks project!

Qwerty Networks - a group of projects that use a single information and functional environment for the creation and development of social networks. Our projects - is a powerful social networks. Our company provides unique services for creating full-scale international social networks, as well as multifunctional Internet portals.

We develop not simple sites, but the most real horizontal scalable social networks, as well as dating sites and high-loaded portals! The company Qwerty Networks implements projects based on the Qwerty Social Network Engine - a software and hardware complex for creating social networks.

Based on the Qwerty Social Network Engine, many well-known international projects, social networks, dating sites, as well as specialized portals are implemented. For example, the well-known international blog platform Qwerty.blog (a competitor to LiveJournal), which operates in 47 languages and daily registers hundreds of new bloggers, the first social network for animal owners, veterinarians, breeders and clubs VetWorld.net, a social network for owners websites, international dating services, social business network https://b2bingo.com and many other projects! We have launched dozens of major portals, as well as social networks around the world. In addition, we are developing the Qwerty Neural Network Qwerty AI. Based on our AI, there are many business chats and customer service systems. Also based on Qwerty AI, the Immortal People project is being developed (see presentations). We accept orders and are glad to any cooperation in the field of development and joint launch of social networks, highly loaded portals, payment systems. In our person you will get a reliable business partner!

My Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/novichkovmax

My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maximnovichkov/

Email: maxim@novickov.com

My blogs:

Maxim`s newcomers on QWERTY.blog settings
Персональный блог Новичкова Максима - публикации, вопросы, ответы, ну и вопросы без ответов, конечно же.

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Обсуждение проекта

Обсуждение проекта LoveMePlay settings
Обсуждение проекта LoveMePlay.com, работы по проекту, проектные вопросы

Русская эмиграция 🇷🇺 settings
Блог об эмиграции русскоязычных граждан стран бывшего СССР, России, Украины и прочих.

Технический план проекта B2Bingo.com settings
План ввода в эксплуатацию проекта социальной сети B2Bingo.com

VetWorld зона разработки settings
VetWorld зона разработки

Изучаем факты settings
анализ, анализ, анализ, перекур, потом опять анализ

QAIM settings
Обсуждение проекта + документы

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Обсуждение проекта Golden Fleece

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Обсуждение внедрения проекта ICBANK.online

Обсуждение проекта Immortal People settings
Обсуждение проекта

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