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We always protect personal information of our users. Data obtained from users are stored in compliance with all necessary security measures. We adopt measures of a technical and organizational nature necessary to protect information about users.

We are not able to prevent the publication of illegal content . But we can react to complaints from readers on a particular post or the blog in General. In considering such complaints, we take into account all possible nuances and we are based on the principles of protection of freedom of speech.

Our service is presented by several sites. We are not responsible for any content posted by our users. If you think that our users violate someone else's rights or laws, please contact our Legal Department -

We collect some data about users, which they enter at registration and when use our service. We may share with third parties aggregated information about users without disclosing their identifying data. In addition, we automatically collect information about the browsers, geography of users and also data about the IP-address and cookies of the visitors of our service. Third parties will not have access to automatically collected data, unless otherwise provided in the service capabilities (e.g., display the user's IP-address in the comments, according to the user settings).

We can provide access to personal user data only in exceptional cases, which include:

For storing some personal data we use cookies that are stored on the user's computer in accordance with the policies of the browsers. On our pages may be present javascript codes of other systems (e.g. web Analytics or advertising systems). Such systems may use cookies for other purposes. If You do not agree with the user agreement or privacy policy, you can click here and leave the service. In this case, all your cookies will be deleted. Remove cookies and leave.

Privacy policy is an integral part of the User Agreement and cannot be considered in isolation from this document. Click here to read the User Agreement.

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